Five Rocks, Brighton Beach, Duluth

At the end of May, while in Duluth, I went to Brighton Beach for sunset. In Duluth the sun sets behind the hill, you have to look away from the lake to watch the sun set. So, why go to the water’s edge for the sunset? To watch the earth’s shadow rise above the horizon and the twilight blues that come afterwards.

Brighton Beach is a spot I know well and have photographed many times. I walked to a section of rock that slants down into the lake, both right to left and near to far, and shown here as it looked in November with water droplets frozen in place. When I got to this rock what I found was not photogenic, this rock was polka dotted with gull droppings.

Typically this means moving along to see what I else I might find. Beside this rock outcropping though are some boulders that in the lower water levels of December had a rather scattered appearance. The higher water levels of spring however had left the tops of only five of these boulders above the lake’s surface, arranged in an s-curve.

On the first night clouds obscured the colors of the earth’s shadow, but the blues of twilight were nice with the clouds reflected in the calm lake. The following night I returned and was treated to a sunset that extended from the west to the east, with the shapes of the clouds slowly morphing and the colors slowly intensifying and then fading to blue.

While the rock that drew me to this part of Brighton Beach was in need of a good rain, Superior’s ever-changing beauty was reinforced for me.

-EAK, August 2014