An Evening at Stoney Point

Just outside a city of nearly 100,000 I find myself on a “beach”, nearly alone. A couple of hundred yards down the shore is a couple boulder hopping with their puppy but soon they will have left for the evening. For a little while I am alone, though shortly a father and couple of boys arrive and hang out a hundred yards down the shore in the other direction.

Up by the tree line the ninebark is blooming with bright white flowers, and under the ninebark the rocks are dusted with little white flower petals. Hiding amongst the trees and brush is the occasional wood lily, what looks like an escaped garden flower is actually one of several lilies that grow in Minnesota.

The lake is quiet this evening, I can occasionally here the buzz of an outboard motor, or the splashdown of a loon. When I arrived there was a ship passing by and forty minutes later the ship’s wake begins to crash on the rocks the loudest sound I will hear all evening.

For my purposes I am able to hang out at this beach in quiet solitude, not far away there is a city but here there is almost no one.

A wonderful respite.

-EAK, July 2015