About the Prints

About the Prints

The prints are archival digital pigment prints on fiber paper, matted with cotton rag mat board and mounted on archival foam core.

Prints with dimensions 10 by 15 or 7.5 by 17 and less were printed in my home studio (i.e. the dining table). Larger prints were proofed on my printer and then printed by West Photo using the same printer technology, ink set and paper as used on the smaller prints.

What is a digital pigment print on fiber paper?

It’s a print made with a high quality inkjet printer that utilizes an archival pigment ink set.  Lab testing shows that when properly displayed these prints won’t display fading for over 100 years.  The papers that I use are cotton fiber papers that have a semi-matte coating applied to them, similar to the fiber papers used during photography’s silver halide days.

To Purchase Prints

If you are interested in purchasing prints please contact me.  Prints are matted with Rising museum board with cotton rag foam-core as backing board.  Frames are black aluminum frames with UV filtering acrylic glazing.

Prices for most prints are covered in the below list, those not covered are panoramic format. Some images were taken with older equipment and may not be able to be printed in larger sizes.

Shipping costs will be added to the below prices.

Price List

6 x 9 matted to 11x 14     $50

6 x 9 framed to 11x 14     $95

10 x 15 matted to 16 x 20     $125

10 x 15 framed to 16 x 20     $205

15 x 22.5 matted to 24 x 32     $195

15 x 22.5 framed to 24 x 32     $345

20 x 30 matted to 30 x 40     $275

20 x 30 framed to 30 x 40     $475