About Eric

Mid-morning on a late fall day the fog finally lifts from Lake Ada, MN.

I am from a small town in Central Minnesota, about halfway between Duluth and Fargo.  I have lived most of my life in the same area with my only large chunk of time away spent in Duluth for college, though not for photography.  My work currently focuses on two lakes and the ecosystems they are a part of.  The first is Lake Ada; a small lake in central Minnesota, that though being increasingly developed you can still glimpse what it was like pre-development.  The second is the largest lake in the world by surface area with my work based on the Minnesota portion of Lake Superior’s North Shore.  Through time, exploration and experience I have gotten to know these subjects quite well allowing me to see past the obvious images and capture the “intimate landscapes”* within the greater landscape.



*Intimate Landscapes was the title of an exhibition by Eliot Porter, the first exhibition of color photography at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, while I find Porter’s work wonderful and inspiring, I found out about his work after I had begun shooting intimate landscapes.  I use the term to acknowledge those that came before me and to note that I am not creating in a vacuum but am part of a larger artistic movement.